How fast is the SWRM Labs CDN?

SWRM offers superb bandwidth for file transfer across the network

There are two different ways to view speed on the Hive network - time to first byte, or the delay for video stream transmission that needs to be filled with something (like a trailer or other advertising clip), and the time for total file transfer for files of different size.

The SWRM network is optimized for large file transfer. The time to first byte will vary, depending on the user's network speed and especially the proximity of the user to the nearest Hive node that holds the desired content. We have seen TTFB as brief as 100 msec, but also as long as 3-5 seconds.

With the Hive, file shards are swarmed to the end user from all available servers and reassembled in the user's device. With up to 100 servers streaming file shards, it is possible for latency levels to be limited only by the end user's network bandwidth.