How do I add users to my account? Can I remove users?

Use the "Users" tab from the customer web app.

Log into your account on the customer web app

From the "Users" tab, you can add a new user by entering an email address. You may select one of three roles for the user: owner, admin, or member.

* Owners can add or delete projects (any file or group of files for distribution) or other users. Owners are responsible for the monthly invoices and can add or withdraw tokens * Admins can add or delete projects, and they can add users to projects under their control. * Members can view projects, but cannot add or delete content or other users.

New users can be assigned to specific projects, or they can remain unassigned. Owners or admins can assign users to projects at a later time.

Admins and owners also have the ability to delete users from the account.