Who pays to upload or download files using the SWRM CDN?

Publishers are responsible for paying for all content streamed or dowloaded using the SWRM CDN.

When you upload the file to the SWRM CDN web portal...

All customers have access to the beta customer web portal upon confirmation of your access code by our admin. While we are running the beta, there is no cost to upload content and share across the Hive network.

When we transition from beta to our commercial launch, we will begin to charge for file uploads.

When you download a file...

Every Hive node pays to download and host customer’s files. End users then pay Hive nodes in SWRM Coins for the usage of bandwidth associated with hosting their downloads. Customers pay to settle their end-user’s balance at the end of each 30-day billing cycle. Hive nodes in the nearest vicinity to end-users and with the highest bandwidth and storage availability will likely deliver the most data and earn the most SWRM Coins.