What if I don't want to leave my node running at all times?

99+% uptime is highly recommended for maximum earnings, so SWRM suggests that you either run the HIVE application on a desktop or server system or use a mini-desktop or NAS device.

For the highest potential earnings, we recommend that you run the Hive application on a desktop or server system with a minimum of 500GB free storage, connected via Ethernet to a high-speed internet service with uplink bandwidth of 100Mbps or higher. Note, these specifications can change as the network evolves.

Lower speed network connectivity, wireless LAN deployment, smaller storage allocation, and lower uptime fractions will reduce the probability that your host will serve content to end-users in your region, but the software will still work, and you will receive all the benefits of being a Hiver, including the ability to transfer files to other peers and bonuses shared with all Hive nodes.

Your laptop or desktop may still be an active node sharing content while the screen has been turned off. If you try to run the software on a laptop, however, you should disable the deep sleep state option and leave your laptop plugged into AC power as much as possible.

An ideal deployment choice would be to run the software on a dedicated mini-server or NAS device.