How much can I earn as a Hiver?

Hiver token earnings depend on content velocity and popularity.

Hivers can earn 1 SWRM token per 50 GB served, less SWRM Labs' fees for administering the Hive network. At US$1 per SWRM token, this works out to $0.02 per GB served, less fees.

The keys to maximizing token earnings are to be in a location where there are many end user clients drawing content from your server, and to be the highest performing server in your area. The SWRM Labs algorithms seek to maximize performance, so servers with the highest uplink bandwidth will be preferred.

The SWRM Labs fees support the mechanics of moving content through the Hive network. Each Hiver is assessed a fee for each shard of content sent to their server, so Hiver token earnings scale directly with the popularity of the content they serve - a Hiver will earn twice as much from a content shard served to 200 end users compared to a similar shard served to 100 end users.